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Special studies "steel construction"

In the degree program of civil engineering within the consolidation studies, the most important basics of design, construction and manufacturing of steel constructions are taught in the lecture “Elemente des Stahlbaus”. In the specializing studies, the department of steel- and light alloy construction offers within the course specialization "structural engineering" the focus "Stahlbau". "Stahlbau" consists of the two subjects "Stahlbau" and "Dünnwandige Tragwerke und plastische Bemessung".


The subject “Stahlbau” consists of the two classes “Grundlagen des Stahlbaus” and “Fertigung und Sicherheit von Schweißkonstruktionen”.

The subject „Dünnwandige Tragwerke und plastische Vermessung“ consists of the two classes “Sonderfragen des Stahlbaus” and “Leichtbau”.

Additionally, the Department of Steel- and Light Alloy Construction provides the lecture “Erhalten und Verstärken von Metallkonstruktionen” of the department-spanning subject “Bauwerkserhaltung”.


More lectures are offered within the scope of supplementary and extra subjects:

  • Stahl- und Verbundbrückenbau (steel- and composite bridge construction)
  • Schweißtechnik (welding technology)
  • Tragwerke aus Glas und Stahl (steel- and glass structures)
  • Seile und Seiltragwerke (cables and cable structures)
  • Kunststoffbau (plastic construction)

It is possible to work on a diploma thesis for a number of topics of research and support structure planning at the KIT Steel & Lightweight Structures. In case you have general questions about our offered lectures, if you need consultation for the composition of your extra subjects or if you are looking for a topic for your diploma-thesis feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to provide you our advice.

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