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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Ummenhofer

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Ummenhofer

office hours: by arrangement
room: 303 Geb. 10.81
phone: +49 721 608 42205
thomas ummenhoferJvh6∂kit edu



  • Full professor of Steel and Light Metal Structures
  • Joint Head of “Versuchsanstalt für Holz, Stahl und Steine”
  • Checking engineer for structural designs, specialized in metallic and concrete structures
  • Consulting engineer in the partnership “Peil, Ummenhofer und Partner”
  • Technical Expert for the “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik” (DIBt) for metal and composite structures
  • Examiner of stability checks for receiving general building authority approvals for BSV of “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik” (DIBt)
  • Guiding adviser to the “Deutsche Materialeffizienzagentur”





Short biography:



  Elementary school, Schwäbisch Gmünd/Rechberg, Baden Württemberg
  Parler – Grammar school, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Baden Württemberg
  Basic military service, Ellwangen, Jagst
  Academic studies of civil engineering at Karlsruhe University


Academic career:

  Academic Staff at “Versuchsanstalt für Stahl, Holz und Steine” of Karlsruhe University
  Award of the title Dr.-Ing.
2000 Assistant Professor for steel bridge structuresat the department of civil engineering, University of Braunschweig
2002 Offer of full professorship in construction maintenance and structures at the department of civil engineering at Braunschweig University
June 2003 Full professor in the area of construction maintenance and structures at Braunschweig University
2008 Offer of full professorship in Steel and Light Metal Structures at the “Versuchsanstalt für Stahl, Holz und Steine”, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
April 2009 Full professor in the department of Steel and Light metal Structures and joint head of “Versuchsanstalt für Stahl, Holz und Steine” at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Relevant professional experience:

1996 -1997 Own engineering consultancy in Karlsruhe
1997 Formation of the partnership “Peil, Ummenhofer und Partner” in Braunschweig and Managing Partner until 2003



Focuses of work and research:


  • Steel and composite structures
  • Steel bridge structures
  • Structures for wind energy plants
  • Tank and container structures
  • Silo structures 
  • Adhesive bonding in steel construction
  • Monitoring of adhesive bonds
  • Control and monitoring of structures
  • Damage processes in structural materials made of iron and steel
  • Residual service life under fatigue loaded steel structures
  • Maintenance and repair of bridges and other structures
  • Historical steel- and iron structures
  • Post -weld treatment methods
  • Lockin-Tehrmography for damage detection
  • Research and development in steel- and light-weight structures
  • Research and development of hybrid structures
  • Casr steel components
  • Weight optimization of structural steel components, topology optimization