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The Research Center for Steel, Timber and Masonary of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology was founded in 1921 and consists of the

The Research Center celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2021. Since its foundation, the Research Center has always adapted to the requirements and tasks of science and research, and the research results obtained in the process have been transferred to practical use.

During its 100-year existence, the Research Center has attained a leading position as a nationally and internationally renowned research institution and testing institute as well as a high-performance partner of industry. This is evident from the numerous scientific publications and dissertations that have been published. The participation of members of the Research Center for Steel, Timber and Masonary in national and international regulatory bodies and the promotion of their research and development work by national and European research funding bodies, industrial and private companies and public authorities underlines the qualification.

On behalf of private and public clients, numerous expert reports have been prepared in the subject area of civil engineering and plant construction, on the generally accepted rules of technology, the state of the art in science and the state of the art in technology. In the field of construction supervision, the Research Center is recognised and active as a testing, monitoring and certification body.

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