Testing machines and test rigs

The KIT Steel and Lightweight Construction has more than 40 testing machines, which are installed in the new testing hall (built in 1955), the old testing hall (built in 1921) and the Garber Tower (built in 1942). The test halls are supplemented by a production workshop, a welding workshop and a woodworking room.

The testing machines can be used for large-scale tests and small-scale tests on components, building elements and building systems. A wide range of static load capacity tests, dynamic fatigue tests and degradation tests can be carried out. The following testing machines are used as examples:

  • Universal testing machine up to 26,000 kN (compression) and 15,000 kN (tension).
  • Universal testing machine up to 1,000 kN with grooved plate substructure (tension and compression)
  • In many test rigs dynamic loads can be introduced for fatigue tests
  • Negative pressure system with 4 load cells
  • Salt spray system
  • Corrosion tester for cyclic tests
Hydraulikanlage KIT Stahl- und Leichtbau
Pressure display of the hydraulic system for the testing machine park



Statische und dynamische Prüfung


Testing equipment

The testing machines and test rigs are supplemented by a wide range of testing and measuring equipment that allows a broad analysis of physical and chemical measured variables. These include, among others:

  • Hardness testing machine (98.1 N)
  • Pendulum impact tester (600 J)
  • Charge amplifier/pressure transducer in the test range up to 250 bar
  • Analytical balance up to a weight of 210gr
  • Magnetic inductive and eddy current coating thickness gauge for coating thicknesses up to 1 mm
  • Analogue pulse tester with test range of 15 m (mobile)
  • Universal hardness tester for HRC and HRV testing
  • Ultrasonic device/ultrasonic measuring heads
  • Perthometer for measuring roughness between 100 and 150μm
  • Laser GASP for measuring the surface tension of glass in the range 0-180 N/mm2
KIT Stahl- und Leichtbau
hardness measurement of welds