WEG der ZukunftTim Zinke

Condominium owners' associations (WEG) are an important part of the German housing market. 22 % or in figures almost 9 million of the total housing available in Germany is in the hands of WEGs, as can be seen from the 2011 census. The Institut für Wohnungswesen, Immobilienwirtschaft, Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung (Institute for Housing, Real Estate, Urban and Regional Development) has already determined in 2012 that 70% of these flats are in need of refurbishment. This means that the share of WEG is significantly higher than the German average of 56 %. But how can the WEGs, which are often complex in terms of renovation and decision-making processes, be encouraged to increase the rate of renovation? This is the question addressed by the "WEG of the future" project.

As a research partner of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, the "Digital Life Cycle Engineering" working group is working on the survey, evaluation and life cycle cost calculation of 10 reference objects. Subsequently, new types of building blocks are to be developed which could be a support for WEG in the future on the way from the idea to the implementation of redevelopment measures. Flexibility plays a major role in this process. Due to the flexible combination and design possibilities of the individual implementation modules, the needs of each WEG can be met individually. This can reduce unnecessary costs and time expenditure.

Work results, articles, event, etc. will be published on the project homepage at https://www.wegderzukunft.de.

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